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Superdry University Spring 2012 Recap

It has been such an honor and such a BLAST being the Superdry Brand Ambassador at UC Berkeley this past semester. Through both fun and tough times, I learned a lot, and gained valuable experience in the fashion world. I enjoyed every second of it. From the fashion shows to the dance shows. From rocking Superdry at dance competitions to shopping at Superdry in San Francisco. From integrating Superdry into my life to exposing Superdry to the lives of my friends and peers. 

I would have to say working for and with Superdry was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had in college. If you take a look above, these are some snap shots from everything starting with my kickoff party to my graduation party. It has been a great semester and I cannot wait to see where Superdry takes its next class of ambassadors. 

Love always, and stayin’ Superdry,

Reasons Why I Love Superdry: Amazing store set-up

Being that I did just graduate with a BA in Architecture, the appearance and set up of the store made a big difference to me. I was utterly impressed by not only the organization of the stores, but the interesting layouts and displays they had. What is also great about the store is their lighting. They manipulate lighting to focus on the clothing, while always creating interesting shadows and depth within the room. If you look above, the headphones were arranged in a simple yet aesthetically pleasing manner. Also above are images of the neon signs and interesting layouts within the store. I highly recommend visiting a store and checking it out for yourself!

- Jaymie

My Superdry Wishlist

These 3 items are what I’ve been coveting as of late…so if you love me, they’re always available at ;).

1) Big Zip Buffalo Knit — Cool print on an awesome jacket..what’s not to love?

2) Candy Cane Crew — This sweet little knit is great for everyone…the cute design to the versatility, I’d get a ton of wear out of this great top.

3) Smashed Baseball Jacket — Letterman jackets are getting more popular and I’m loving the sporty look!

Thanks for a great semester of style everyone!


Backpacking as a means of traveling makes it difficult to bring a lot of clothes but thankfully I can always count on Superdry.  The lumberjack shirts have been my saving grace because they come in every color you can imagine, can be packed easily, and always keep you looking good.  Next time you travel?  Highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend that you bring maybe 3, 4, 5 of these babies.  


Trend Report: Backpacks

A new trend that I have been noticing is the use of backpacks outside of school. Instead of a purse or a bag, I have spotted backpacks used as bags out on the street, at the beach, or even going out. Both celebrities and people around Berkeley (myself included) have been rocking this trend. Here are some tips on how to make them work.

1. Confidence! Confidence is key in everything. Act like you’re supposed to have a backpack on and you will easily fit in. 

2. Accessorize it! Personally, I like to keep my fox key chain on the side of the backpack. Not only does it personalizes it, but it also makes it cuter!

3. Don’t stuff it. Putting too much stuff into your backpack will only make it look bulky and unattractive. At school, you stuff your backpack because you need to, but out on the streets, keep it light! It makes it easier on yourself too.

Check out these 2 Superdry backpacks: Napsack & Baden Rucksack

- Jaymie

Superdry: Nightlife Edition

So now that everybody is done with school and/or have graduated, we all want to party! Graduations are a celebration and the best way to celebrate, is a night out dancing! Here are some tips on what to wear out.

1. Dress-up! Put on a Superdry Premium Dress Shirt for a polished look. Whether you’re in Vegas, or just in good ol’ Berkeley, dressing up is always an easy way impress. Not to mention… you’ll look good too!

2. Go for dark denim. Dark denim is always best when choosing bottoms to wear. Especially when the event does not require formal wear. Go for the Superdry London Coated Slim Jean. They look great and match with just about anything!

3. Short-sleeved button-ups are great for summer! During these warm summer nights, a long-sleeved button-up may not be ideal. In that case, the Superdry London Button-down works perfectly in the summer. The short sleeves help keep you cool, while still looking dressed up.

Check out the Premium Dress Shirt, London Coated Slim Jean, and London Button-down here!

- Jaymie

Leaving for Paris tomorrow and of course, I will be rocking head to toe Superdry.  My favorite piece?  Easily, the New Panner Boots.  They are AMAZINGGGGGGGGGG.  Quality combat-style boots with lining to keep your feet warm.  They are great for walking around all day and my feet are fine even after a full day of walking around London.  Best of all, they are on sale now at the the Superdry stores for $70 each.  Will load some Superdry travel pics soon!


How I make Superdry work with my personal style!

I have a very strong sense of personal style and knowing how to wear things so they look good on me. With Superdry, there are so many pieces that I can easily implement into my wardrobe while still making it my own. Here are a couple examples!

1. Superdry graphic tees are great because they go with almost everything! What I do with mine is tuck them into my jeans and pair with a cute jacket and a hat. That way I am not just wearing jeans and a tee-shirt but rather, a complete outfit.

2. My Superdry napsack is my new obsession! Throughout college I refused to use a backpack because I thought it clashes with my personal style. Fortunately however, this backpack looks great with my clothes. I made this backpack my own by hanging a red fox keychain on the side.

3. My favorite pieces from Superdry are their buttonup shirts. Whether are lumberjack plaids or workers’ shirts, they are so easy and comfy to wear! The way I wear these shirts is oversized. I usually buy a large or extra-large, roll up the cuffs, and layer them over a tank or a tee. Simple and stylish. :)

- Jaymie

Superdry Playlist

Whenever I visit the SF Superdry Store, the music there is always really catchy and upbeat. Especially since my favorite kind of music is electronic dance music! So after buying a pair of headphones, I realized the sound quality is amazing and wanted to make a playlist of songs that sound great with the headphones!

1. Eva Simons - I Don’t Like You
2. Tiesto & Wolfgang Gartner - We Own The Night
3. Nero - Promises (Calvin Harris Remix)
4. Dirty South & Thomas Gold - Eyes Wide Open
5. Usher - Climax (Kaskade Remix)

Grab a pair of these Superdry Headphones and take a listen to these songs! I promise you won’t regret it!

- Jaymie

So now that it’s summer, I’ve decided to do a little Euro-trip.  First stop?  London, UK…better known as the home of Superdry.  You better believe that I visited the store.  What items did I see hot off the shelves and in the London crowds?

1) Sioux Shirt - Since everyone is rocking a plaid these days, sometimes you need a little extra.  The Sioux shirt has cool western details woven on that give this shirt a little oomph.

2) Poppy Powdered Denim - Pink denim is in.  Every 10th pair of pants I see is pink but these stand out because of its unique bleached finish.  I’ve had several compliments on my pair so far.

3) Alumni Bag - I’ve seen this bag used equally between men and women but it definitely is useful while giving the Superdry edge.  



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