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Trend Report: Backpacks

A new trend that I have been noticing is the use of backpacks outside of school. Instead of a purse or a bag, I have spotted backpacks used as bags out on the street, at the beach, or even going out. Both celebrities and people around Berkeley (myself included) have been rocking this trend. Here are some tips on how to make them work.

1. Confidence! Confidence is key in everything. Act like you’re supposed to have a backpack on and you will easily fit in. 

2. Accessorize it! Personally, I like to keep my fox key chain on the side of the backpack. Not only does it personalizes it, but it also makes it cuter!

3. Don’t stuff it. Putting too much stuff into your backpack will only make it look bulky and unattractive. At school, you stuff your backpack because you need to, but out on the streets, keep it light! It makes it easier on yourself too.

Check out these 2 Superdry backpacks: Napsack & Baden Rucksack

- Jaymie

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